Join with us as research partner if you are one of those who want to change the education system. we are waiting for your support. we are looking for young minds with creative solutions and experienced professors to guide us in right path. You can an individual, an institution, an experianced professor, a college, a company, a startup business, an established industry, a school or any other, we welcome to join with us for finding best solutions.


For Domestic and Commercia

In solar we are inviting enthusiastic students from engineering background to increase the efficiency, to utilize the available power, to invent new gadgets which runs on solar power and related. We are proud to share that already we are running ahead in solar power gadgets research and development.


No one feel and think that there is a requirement for research in education. But, When we started to implement an approach to practical education, we found so many challanges and gaps in education. We are exclusively and extensively doing research in education field.
We are doing research to implement practical education in schools by using science projects and robotics. Individuals with innovative knowledge on science and maths can join with us to improve our research outcome. We invite SCHOOLS to join with us as research partners, to make your kids compet with this ever growing world of opportunities.
Towards engineering, degree, and other colleges, we are trying to connect the student with industries and developing methods to teach industrial education to engineering and other graduates for better understanding of technical subjects. We invite COLLEGES to join with us as research partners, to provide access to industrial education and develop gadgets with students knowledge.


If you are looking for some help in implementing your own idea and develop a project into any of the engineering field, then we are here to support and assist you. Let it be a small model of school or big complication of engineering, we assist you in all possible ways.