STEM Education

Practical Learnings…

Open the world of interactive and real time learning of science and mathematics to students by STEM education. Every student is unique in learning. Student will learn by listening, reading, understanding, visualising, doing practically and many other ways. So let’s introduce different ways of teaching along with our regular process to make sure that all students are learning. STEM education posses various methods of teaching a single concept. Let’s make our education system a practical one.

for schools and institutes...



Simple Electric Circuit
Acid & Base Reactions
Transpiration in Plants
Cotton to Cloth
Food Adulteration


Magnetic Levitation
Fire Sensor
Solar Oven


Hydraulic Lift
Gears Mechanism
Remote Controlled Switch
Solar Mobile Charger
Touch Switch


Geometric Board
Triangulation Method
Distance measuring
Angle of Light Reflections
Pressure & Force Relations

Various groups to simplify the method of training....



I to IV Class Students

In toddlers group, we train students on basic mathematics and environmental sciences. These projects will enhance students capability of understanding classroom knowledge and recollect quickly. We also explan students how to use their learnings in daily life by using simple activities and projects. We help students to start developing science projects.


V to VII Class Students

Junior science group will start learning science around us with real time understanding. We enhance students science and mathematics learnings with real time projects. We will link science and maths with daily life applications and provides projects to understand the same. By this, students will start applying their subject knowledge with real time activities.


VIII to XII Class Students

Senior science group students will always think innovatively. They want to explore this world by doing experiments and concepts of science from their books. So we concentrate on developing their innovation, creativity and scientific temper which in turn helps them to learn with more concentration. This helps them to perform well in regular academics exams and competitive exams.


Get Every Answers

We will recollect the basics of science and maths concepts related to project before initiating practicals.

New science terms will be introduced for better understanding of projects.

We will sit along with students to discuss about the project and train them with interactive sessions.

After above, we will give practical project kits to students for doing experiments. This session will take 60 % of total duration of whole session.

At this stage we will give worksheets to students and asks them to write what they have understood in their words. This makes students to improve their English language skills.

We will verify the worksheets. Based on the session, we will conduct competition among students. We will provide certification to every student.



Breaks the monotony of learning only from books and focus on various methods of teaching a concept to students.

Relates and applies subject concepts with daily life uses.

Better performance in exams due to visual and imaginary learning.

Improves innovation and gives formation to ideas of students.

Enable students to learn science and mathematics by doing experiments.

We are experts in conducting science fairs with real time executable projects with amazing experimental procedures for your school. Understands sciene and mathematics by doing practically.