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We have given sessions over various schools and academies over different places. Our students progress is far better than others as they started understanding concepts by doing experiments.

2018-19 Academic Year

A year of Research on projects developement and integrating concepts with real time applications. Spent less time in schools but created wonderful projects for coming year.



Summer camp - Alwal

Robotics summer camp conducted in association with Masters Academy, Alwal. It is full 45 days program with Level - 1 Robotics for the students of above V standard. Students completly learned mechanical construction of robots, electrical connections, electronics, motors and working principal, controlling of robot directions, sensors etc. At the end, we have conducted a robot race competition where students participated with full competitive spirit. More than 100 students participated in summer camp.



Kidzee Pre School - Alwal

STEM interactive and practical summer camp conducted in Kidzee pre school in alwal for the duration of 45 days. Kids from I to IV standard participated in this camp and learned more than 40 concepts from their science and mathamatics. They learned how to apply small science concepts in daily life to make some fun activities. At the end, they participated in science fair where parents attended and appriciated students explanation.



Littile Scholars School, Kamareddy.

Students of IV to VII class undergone a 3 day short term science STEM camp with 8 STEM projects and 3 Robots. Students performed experiments with hands-on projects to understand basics of Electricity, Air Pressure, chemical reactions, light and reflections, etc. Students interconnected their learning from whole year with practical projects.



Aditya Tallent School, Kattedan

For this academic year, this is the biggest science fair happend with 68 STEM projects and 5 Robot projects. In this, total of 300 students participated from III to X standard and more than 2000 students and parents attended the science fair. We have trained for 20 days with all real time working projects with very unique projects.



RSR International School, Nellore

We have provided one full academic year robotics training to RSR international school located in Kavali, Nellore, AP. We have given 50 Robotic concepts to train students of V to VIII standard. over 300 students participated in full year robotics training program with advanced robotics concepts

2018-19 Academic Year

A year of Research on projects developement and integrating concepts with real time applications. Spent less time in schools but created wonderful projects for coming year.



VIP International School, Falaknuma Branch

We have constructed a fully functional and automated working model of future smart city. This project is displayed in Hyderabad Nampally ALL INDIA INDUSTRIAL EXHIBITION in 2018 for complete 35 days. This project demonstrated to visitors by students of VIP International School. Project consist of Elevated Bus Model, Metro Train Model, Fire Alarms, Automatic Traffic Controllers, Weather Station, Garden, Commercial and Residential Buildings etc.

Robotics Science Fair
RSR International School, Nellore.

30 Robots
120 Participants
800+ Visitors

Mini Science Fair
KGVV School, Gattupal, Nalgonda

15 Projects
40 Participants
1200+ Visitors
Cheif Guest: Sri RS Praveen Kumar IPS

Sewage Water Treatment Plant Model
Government School, Qazipura, HYD

30 Robots
120 Participants
800+ Visitors

Smart Street Light Model
Government School, Qazipura, HYD

Fully Automated
Explains Sensors Applications
Students Explanation in Fair

Elevated Bus Model
Government School, Qazipura, HYD

Semi Automatic
Explains Future Transportation model
Students Presentation in Exhibition

Tree Replantation Machine Model
Government School, Qazipura, HYD

Semi Automated
Explains Hydraulics & Working
Science model explanation by students

KGVV School
Gattupal Village, Nalgonda

STEM Classes
12 Sessions
V to X Classes
20 Projects
3 Months

Government School
Mehdipatnam, HYD

Free Trainings
V to X Classes
15 Projects
15 Sessions

Narayana CO School
SHankarpally, Rangareddy

25 Robotos
IV to X Classes
6 Months
24 Sessions
800 Students

Sri Sai Ram High Schoo
Sangareddy, Medchel

15 Projects
V to X Classes
450 Students
5 Sessions

Tagore's High School
Balnagar, Hyderabad

20 Projects
V to X Classes
280 Students
10 Sessions

Navabharathi High School

8 Projects
VI to IX Students
90 Students
3 Sessions

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